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Havana Ball Havanese
Edmonton, AB
About Havana Ball Havanese
Havana Ball Havanese is a small Alberta Havanese Breeder. We are proud to raise CKC registered Havanese. We take pride in breeding and raising excellent, healthy and well-loved dogs. All of our Havanese are well-socialized and spoiled! When we started breeding dogs, we decided we would do everything we could to raise exceptionally healthy, happy, well rounded, and sound puppies that conform to breed standard.

Our puppies come from good bloodlines that we have selected for health, conformation and temperament. We have looked for top quality dogs to be the foundation of our breeding program. All our dogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel but and some even have dual registration with the American Kennel Club.

Our puppies receive the best possible care from the moment they are born. Our Havanese puppies are raised in our house along with the other members of the family. We believe it is best for puppies to have a sound beginning with their mothers and allow moms to wean their puppies slowly. We start socializing our puppies from birth, acclimatizing them to different senses as they get older. They are born with their eyes and ears closed so as they open they gain new experiences in a positive way. By socializing the puppies young, we help our dogs learn how to cope and respond, in a healthy and acceptable manner, to variety of people, animals, places and things they might encounter in this world. 

By exposing our puppies to different kinds of scenarios we can create happy and healthy puppies. What we do makes a difference! Just ask. We have developed our process over the years and have been proud of the results.  But socialization and training shouldn't stop here. We recommend you take your puppy to a puppy class so you learn together. Invite the family so each of you is using the same verbal and non verbal cues. Having everyone working on the same level makes the training for you and your new puppy easier.

We hope we can provide you with a new best friend that will bring you many smiles for years to come. We also provide you and your puppy with lifetime breeder guidance and support. 

We expect to hear from you and see pictures as your puppy grows! We will be here for you whenever you need us.​