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Havana Ball Havanese
Edmonton, AB
2017 Show Updates
Havana Ball Havanese will be out on the show trail again in 2017 showing some of our bred-bys.  Looking forward to seeing what 2017 hold for our youngsters.

Our babies will start handling classes in January 2017 and our first show will be Battle River Canine Association at the end of March.

Stay tuned for more updates.
Friday March 24, 2017 - under judge Stephen Dainard
Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/ Best Puppy in Breed - Finlee
Battle River Canine Association
Saturday March 25, 2017 - under judge Raymond Lo
Sunday March 26, 2017 - under judge Denise Cornelssen

Best Baby Puppy in Breed - Ellie
This was Finlee and Ellie and Chip's debut in the ring.  What a fun, great weekend with the dogs and friends.   Very hectic with 3 dogs showing, but thank you to some wonderful friends for piloting Chip in the ring.  Finlee pick up her first points and Ellie and Chip had fun playing in the baby puppy ring.  

With having the girls to show, Chip left for his new home to be a fantastic companion to a family with two boys.

Reserve Winners Bitch/ Best Puppy in Breed - Finlee
Best Baby Puppy in Breed - Ellie
Winners Bitch/ Best Puppy in Breed - Finlee
Friday March 31, 2017 - under judge Terry Berrios
no awards - Finlee
Red Deer & District Kennel Club
Saturday April 1, 2017 - under judge Lee Anne Bateman
Sunday April 2, 2017 - under judge Terry Gains

Best Baby Puppy in Breed - Ellie
After our first weekend, Finlee was a bit unsure about showing this weekend, so t became all about being happy and having a good time in the ring.  Keeping the tail up and shaking the fuzzy bum.

Ellie worked more on keeping 4 on the floor as she had a great time walking on her hind legs and galloping.  Finally on Sunday, she was very good.  I think she was tired after two back to back weekends.

Reserve Winners Bitch - Finlee
Best Baby Puppy in Breed - Ellie
No awards - Finlee
Best Baby Puppy in Breed - Ellie
Friday May 12, 2017, 2017 - under judge Kim Hamel
Calgary Kennel & Obedience Club
Saturday May 13, 2017- under judge Gail Forsythe
Sunday May 14, 2017 - under judge Bruce Fraser

Winners Bitch/Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Breed - Ellie
This was Ellie's first weekend out as a puppy.  She went Winners Bitch every day and Best puppy in breed 3 out of 4 days.

Ellie's performance was great and learning more about being a show dog every day.  A natural performer.
Winners Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed - Ellie
Winners Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed - Ellie
Monday May 15, 2017 - under judge Bill Walkey

Winners Bitch - Ellie
Saturday June 3, 2017 - under judge Fred Bassett
Toy Dog Club of Alberta
Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Breed/ Best Puppy in Specialty Show - Ellie
This was a wonderful day for me as a breeder/handler.  Together Ellie and I won Best of Breed from the classes over a special.  We went on to win Best Puppy in Specialty!

So proud of this young girl.
Grande Prairie Regional Kennel Club
Ellie finished her Canadian Championship this weekend under Lee-Anne Bateman.  The icing on the cake was our Puppy Group Win.  The judge pleasantly told us we were runner up for Best Puppy in Show although there was no award.  Way to go Ellie, she sure gave it a go!

On Sunday we got to play as a special, it was lots of fun.

Reserve Winner Bitch- Ellie
Thursday July 13, 2017, 2017 - under judge Dianne Jovanovic
Evelyn Kenney Kennel & Obedience Club
Friday July 14, 2017- under judge Keith Simmons
Saturday July 15, 2017 - under judge Patrice Johansen

Select Bitch/ Best Puppy in Breed - Ellie
This was Ellie's first weekend out as a special.  Ellie took a Select Bitch and a Best of Opposite Sex over the top Havanese in Canada.  

Adding to her accomplishments was another Best Puppy in Group.

Ellie was shown this weekend by Jennifer Raymaakers.  They make a great team.

No Awards - Ellie
Best of Opposite Sex, Best Puppy in Breed/ Best Puppy in Group - Ellie
Sunday July 16, 2017 - under Sandy Gelinas

No Awards - Ellie
Friday June 23, 2017 - under judge Nancy Popovich
Saturday June 24, 2017 - under judge Michelle Scott
Friday June 23, 2017 - under judge Lee-Anne Bateman
Saturday June 24, 2017- under judge Karsten Kaemling
Sunday July 25, 2017 - under judge Melvin Beech
Sunday July 25, 2017 - under judge Joan Beech
Winners Bitch/ Best of Winners/ Best Puppy in Breed - Ellie
Winners Bitch/ Best of Winners/ Best Puppy in Breed/ Best Puppy in Group - Ellie
Winners Bitch - Ellie
Select Bitch - Ellie
Select Bitch - Ellie
Alberta Kennel Club
Friday August 4, 2017- under judge Dennis McCoy
Saturday August 5, 2017 - under judge Joyce Love

Wonderfully presented by Jennifer Raymaakers, Ellie has a fabulous weekend.  This is only her second weekend out as a special and she is already over half way to her Grand Championship.

Ellie wins her 6th puppy group and is now the #8 Havanese puppy in Canada.

Sunday August 6, 2017 - under Katrina Santas

Monday August 7, 2017 - under judge Randy Garren
Saturday August 5, 2017- under judge Charlotte McGowan
Southern Alberta Toy Dog Fanciers
Best of Opposite Sex/ Best Puppy in Breed Ellie
Being shown by Jennifer Raymakkers, these two are doing awesome.
Best of Opposite Sex/ Best Puppy in Breed Ellie
Best of Opposite Sex/ Best Puppy in Breed Ellie
Best of Opposite Sex/ Best Puppy in Breed Ellie
Select Bitch/ Best Puppy in Breed/ Best Puppy in Group Ellie
Edmonton Kennel Club
Friday August 11, 2017 - under judge Mary White
This was my first weekend showing Ellie as a special.  She is a hoot to show.  We had a great time and picked up some more Grand Champion points along the way.  So close now!

Finlee came out to play this weekend too, going winner bitch all days she was shown.

Saturday August 12, 2017 - under Tempest Deptuch

Sunday August 13, 2017 - under judge Raymond Lariviere
Select Bitch/ Best Puppy in Breed Ellie
Winners Bitch - Finlee
Select Bitch/ Best Puppy in Breed Ellie
Winners Bitch - Finlee
Select Bitch Ellie
Winners Bitch / Best Puppy in Breed - Finlee
Calgary Kennel & Obedience Club
Friday September 8, 2017 - under judge Rick Fehler
What a great weekend this was.  Friday with our breed win, Ellie finished her grand championship.  We won 3 out of 4 breed wins and picked up two group twos with matching Best puppy in group wins.  Saturday I was sick, so our performance was not so great.  A huge thank you to Jennifer Raymaakers for showing Ellie on Sunday two her first group placement in tough toy competition.  On Monday, Ellie and I repeated her performance the day before and Cobie and I won Best Baby puppy in Group!  
Saturday September 9, 2017 - under Kim Ramey-Leblanc

Sunday September 10, 2017 - under judge Vickie Umpleby
Best Of Breed/ Best Puppy in Breed Ellie
Select Bitch Ellie
Best of Breed - Group 2, Best Puppy in GroupEllie
Monday September 11, 2017 - under judge James Fredericksen
Best Baby Puppy in Group - Cobie
Best of Breed - Group 2, Best Puppy in GroupEllie
Saskatoon Kennel & Obedience Club
Friday August 25, 2017 - under judge Karen Day
This was the National specialty weekend.  While we did not get any awards at the specialty we had a great showing at the all-breed associated with it.  Our best win of the weekend was on Sunday at the booster where we were Best of Opposite over the top dogs from both Canada and the US with Ellie at 10 months old.  A proud breeder moment to compete with the best from both countries.

It was fun to visit with old friends and meet new ones at the specialty events.
Friday August 25, 2017 - under Bill Walkey

Saturday August 26, 2017 - under judge James Reynolds
no awards Ellie
Select Bitch Ellie
Select Bitch, Best Puppy in GroupEllie
Sunday August 27, 2017 - under judge Cheryl Myers-Egerton
Best of Opposite Sex, Best Puppy in GroupEllie