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Havana Ball Havanese
Edmonton, AB
Show News 2014
Red Deer and District Kennel Club - October/November 2014
Friday October 31, 2014 - under judge Ricardo Torres-Simoes
Winners Male/ Best of Winners/ Best of Opposite Sex - Tango
Saturday October 25, 2014 - under judge Ed Wild
Winners Male - Tango
Sunday October 26, 2014 - under judge Maureen Hanley
Another show year comes to an end.  What a great year it was.  It is always so wonderful to go to the shows with my dogs as they are such good ambassadors for the breed.  Pongo loves greeting all those that walk by.

This year Pongo finished his Canadian Grand Championship and finishes his year as:
# 18 Overall Havanese,
# 9 Overall Havanese (Breed Points),
# 2 Havanese in Alberta(Breed Points), and 
# 1 Male Havanese Alberta (Breed Points)

Looking forward to 2015, may we meet on the 
show trail sometime this year.

Lloydminster Kennel Club - September 2014
Sunday September 28, 2014 - under judge Bill Walkey
Group 3/Best of Breed- Pongo
Battle River Canine Association - October 2014
This was Tango's first full weekend out.  He came away with two Best of Winners, two Best Puppy in Breed and a Best Puppy in Group beating 13 other puppies for this honour!   What a way to start.  He got 4 points this weekend. Plus he played in Puppy Sweeps and placed 3rd in the Junior Puppy Male Class all breeds.
Friday October 24, 2014 - under judge Stephen Hubbell
Winners Male - Tango
Friday October 24, 2014 - under judge Ron Pohl
Saturday October 25, 2014 - under judge Geraldine Taylor
3rd Place 6-9 month Puppy Sweeps - Tango
Winners Male/ Best of Winners/ Best Puppy in Group - Tango
Sunday October 26, 2014 - under judge Richard Lopaschuk
Winners Male/ Best of Winners/ Best Puppy in Breed - Tango
Winners Male - Tango
Our second full weekend out and more points towards his Championship.  We started Thursday night doing the Sanction Match, were he won the group.  A sanction match is a fun match for practice.  Friday he went Best of Opposite Sex over specials, Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed.  We finished the weekend with two more Winners Male awards.
And so it begins again.

Havana Ball Havanese is happy to provide information on the show success of our dogs.  2014 will be our second year showing and we are looking forward to it.  Both Callie and Pongo finished their Canadian Conformtion Championships in 2013, so now we are working on our Grand Championships in 2014.

Our first show is now finished.  Pongo got his first brest of breed, and two best of opposites.  A good start for the year.
Alberta Kennel Club - January 2014
Friday January 17, 2014 - under judge Donald Fitzsimmons
Best of Breed - Pongo
Saturday January 18, 2014 - under judge Patricia Fitzsimmons
Sunday January 19, 2014 - under judge Thora Brown
Best of Opposite - Pongo
Best of Opposite - Pongo
Battle River Canine Association - March 2014
This show was extra special as it was our one year anniversary of showing. We came out as a junior puppy of 6 months and a day and now today he won his third best of breed. I am very proud of the team we have become. We only showed the Saturday and Sunday and were Best of Breed both days.
Saturday March 22, 2014 - under judge Shawn Nicols
Sunday March 23, 2014 - under judge Nancy Popovich
Best of Breed - Pongo
Best of Breed - Pongo
Red Deer and District Kennel Club - April 2014
While we did not place two days, I felt we had good go rounds especially Sunday when I felt we had our best go round yet.  He is really starting to mature in structure and mind.
Saturday April 5, 2014 - under judge Dr. Terill Udenberg
Sunday April 6, 2014 - under judge Dr. John Reeve-Newson
Best of Opposite - Pongo
no placement- Pongo
Friday April 4, 2014 - under judge Dr. Richard Meen
no placement - Pongo
Calgary Kennel AND Obedience Club - May 2014
This was a fun show, very relaxed and an overall good time.  We even sat at a booth for a lunch hour with Pongo being an ambassador for the Havanese Breed.  He enjoyed the attention from the people who stopped by.  Once again we had great go-rounds and the grooming was even better.  He is such a delight to show.  GREAT NEW - Pongo finished the show with a Best of Breed for his Canadian Grand Championship!  We can now introduce him as Grand Champion Henwrach How Legends Are Made.
Saturday May 10, 2014 - under judge Leanne Bateman
Sunday May 11, 2014 - under judge Pamela Bruce
Best of Opposite - Pongo
Best of Breed - Pongo
Friday May 9, 2014 - under judge Ole Neilson
Best of Breed- Pongo
Northern Alberta Kennel Club - May/June 2014
NACA was where Pongo's first points started in 2013.  It is nice that he was able to compete again and went Best of Breed the first day.  Besides trying to beat the rain for set up on the Thursday the weekend was sunny and bright.
Saturday May 31, 2014 - under judge Norman Kenney
Sunday June 1, 2014 - under judge Felicity Prideaux
Best of Opposite - Pongo
Best of Opposite Sex - Pongo
Friday May 30, 2014 - under judge Roberto Del Puerto
Best of Breed- Pongo
Monday June 2, 2014 - under judge David Smartwood
Best of Opposite Sex - Pongo
Pongo wins Best of Breed under Judge Roberto Del Puerto.
Edmonton Kennel Club - August 2014
This was Tango's first time out, he came home with two nice rosettes and won himself a toy and a bed!  He showed really well and was not fazed at all by the noise.  It a great two days and the weather was pretty good this weekend.
Saturday August 9, 2014 - under judge Karen Chant
Friday August 8, 2014 - under judge Joan Beech
Best Baby Puppy in Group - Tango
Best Baby Puppy in Toy Specialty - Tango
Calgary Kennel and Obedience Club - September 2014
This was Tango's first time out as a Junior puppy.  Thursday night he was awarded Best of Opposite in the All Breed Puppy Sweeps, but since this was not actually offered it is unofficial.  As BOS he beat all the older up to 18 month old dogs as a six month old puppy.  Either way it was awesome!  

Pongo showed the best he has ever done.  His stacks were right-on and very easy to handle.  As he still is not yet two, his performance was fantastic.  During his off-time from the ring, he was a Havanese ambassador to all the people walking around visiting the dogs at the show.  he loves to greet people, especially those with treats in their pockets!
Friday September 12, 2014 - under judge Robert Denis
Thursday September 11, 2014 - under judge Christine Zielinski
Best of Opposite (unoffical) Puppy Sweeps - Tango
Reserve Winners Male / Best Puppy in Breed - Tango
Saturday September 13, 2014 - under judge Len Harfield
No Awards - Pongo
Select Male - Pongo
Sunday September 14, 2014 - under judge Elaine Whitney
Best of Opposite Sex - Pongo
Pongo just turned 2 on September 21, and placing in Group was a nice way to show how he is maturing.  He showed beautifully with lots of charm and focus.  We only showed the two shows in one day and it was nice to take breed wins both times.  
Best of Breed- Pongo
Sunday September 28, 2014 - under judge Dianne Ivey